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Explore our curated e-Learning library

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myAthina is an all-in-one platform that helps you create a lean and growth-driven working environment. With our award-winning AI-enabled learning ecosystem, you get a bird's eye-view of your entire organization, irrespective of whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees. The best part is that there are no course licensing fees, and organizations have the option to pay for only the courses their employees complete.

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Dashboards to Track Learning, Growth & Culture

Customized analytics and insights to steer your organization’s training and development.

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Leverage our AI platform for curating courses and assigning trainings

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Get an overview of your organization’s skills, capabilities and gaps to remain agile and lean.

Compliance, Training & Induction

Ensure your employees are up to date with compliance trainings, skills, and processes.

Trusted by High-Growth Companies

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Trusted by High-Growth Companies

How myAthina Can Empower Your Organization’s Culture

Speak to our experts. They will walk you through how our learning ecosystem can address your specific challenges.

Let's Discuss How myAthina Can Empower Your Organization’s Culture

Speak to our experts. They will walk you through how our learning ecosystem can address your specific challenges.



Our Learning Blogs

Create your own learning ecosystem within the organization and benefit from expert insights on corporate learning.

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  • What challenges are we managing for small and medium-sized companies with myAthina?

    Small and medium-sized companies and startups need easy on-boarding, training and learning for their growing workforce. They want the process to be intuitive and a solution that doesn’t involve paying exorbitant licensing fees for a platform or licensed content. myAthina helps by making learning effortless and choice-based, with data insights enabled.

  • How does myAthina help large corporations who already have existing Learning Management Systems (LMSs)?

    Course completion rate is less than 10% on a regular LMS. On average, less than one course per employee is completed even after buying expensive licensed content. Also, 90% of organizations have no access to the skill mapping of their team. As a result, learning engagement is very low. This is where myAthina can step in and give businesses improved course completion rates and a bird’s-eye view to the skill mapping of employees.

  • What is the value proposition of myAthina?

    myAthina is a unique API-enabled cutting-edge platform that enables institutions to offer both mandatory training or compliance-related content, as well as access to a repository of externally available courses from the best learning solution providers in the world.

  • How is myAthina different from other LMSs?

    a)It is a learning ecosystem platform that gives employees the choice to select the course they want to complete to upskill themselves,by aggregating all the courses from the web.
    b) It helps with the end-to-end workflow for everyone:
    - Employees - to help with their course approval and storing all their certificates and receipts
    - Managers; visibility on their team’s courses and approving/rejecting requests
    - Finance - reimbursing the employee for the course
    - Admin and leaders -entire dashboard visibility for tracking organizational learning
    c) Skill Map: This very unique feature generates the entire tree structure of the organization along with the top skill in each team.
    d) Docs Library: The platform provides you with an entire document repository which includes, but is not limited to, PDF, XLSX, docs, and videos.
    e) My Events: This feature allows you to schedule your blended learning meetings/events and share them with the entire organization, teams, or individuals

Continual Engine is transforming learning by making the process of learning simple, as it is meant to be, with its unique Learning Ecosystem Platform, myAthina. myAthina enables small and medium-sized companies, startups and educational institutions to go online with their learning curriculum in a swift and seamless manner.

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