One Digital Platform for all your learning needs.
  • Access to internal and external courses.
  • Skill profile for entire organisation.
  • AI enabled personalised learning paths for employees.
  • Quick and Easy Integration.
  • No expensive upfront course license fees.

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One Digital Platform for all your learning needs.

Personalized Digital Learning Solutions for Businesses

Myathina is an AI enabled learning platform that allows you to offer your employees access to internal courses such as those for compliance, safety, POSH and more; along with access to over 80,000 external courses from a single, easy to navigate interface. myathina also allows you to obtain an up-to-date skill profile of your entire organisation and have insights into the learning goals of your employees. It’s executive dashboard allows management to make informed decisions in regards to up-skilling their workforce with relevant courses and personalised learning paths. Moreover, there are no course licensing fees and organizations have the option to pay for only the course their employees complete.

Key Features

Internal Course management
Internal Course management

Web enabled platform where you can easily host internally developed or procured courses, such as those for compliance, safety, POSH and more.

Access to over 80,000 courses

Allows your employees to search, compare and select courses offered by some of the top course providers in the world through a single interface.

Access to over 80,000 courses
Skill Mapping
Skill Mapping

An easy to use skill mapping tool that allows you to transform your organization’s learning curve by mapping the core skills of your team, their learning goals and their current work time allocation.

Customizable Dashboard

State of the art insights and analytics regarding adoption, course completion and more.

Customizable Dashboard

In-built gamification to foster learning and healthy competition and to drive engagement.

Personalized Learning Path

AI enabled personalized learning path driven by skills and learning goals of employees, their browse history and leader recommendation.

Personalized Learning Path
Support Your Customers
Support Your Customers

A web based portal for you to offer self-paced trainings for your products and services to your customers.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your internal architecture and quick on-boarding within days.

Seamless Integration
Retain Your Brand
Retain Your Brand

Highly customizable platform that allows you to retain your brand design and guidelines.


A simple interface to upload your courses or those procured from third party providers with the click of a button.


Platform that allows you to publish and sell your courses/content to the world.

Why is myathina a good fit for you?

If you are tired of having a separate LMS for internal courses, paying expensive licensing fees to offer externally available courses to your employees or paying fees to host your courses on other platforms, then myathina is just right for you.

Employee On-boarding and Training

Effortlessly host your internal training content such as that for employee onboarding, product-specific and sales training, compliance and more, thereby building a centralized location for all your learning content. The option of offering specific courses to your extended channel network and partners through public indexing is also available.

Continual Learning

Access to over 80,000 courses that allows your employees to search, compare and select courses offered by some of the best course providers in the world.

Constructing Skill Profile and Learning Goals

Our platform conducts a complete evaluation of your team's skill sets, their learning goals and current work time allocation, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your L&D investments.

Extensive In-depth Analytics

Highly intuitive dashboards provide hierarchy-based analytics that track learning requests, learning progress, and course completion, allowing businesses to take the right measures to engage, develop and retain talent.

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My Athina for business
Powerful, User-friendly and AI Driven learning platform

Build a learning organization to accelerate your business growth.

  • Host your internal courses related to compliance, safety, POSH and more
  • Have access to top course providers such as Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Edureka and more
  • Deliver a learning path based on your employees' skill sets and learning goals
  • Integrate seamlessly with your internal architecture

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Vinay Bagri, CEO and Co-founder, Niyo Solutions Inc

We use myathina as a DIY self paced skill development platform for our employees. We have been impressed by the simplicity of the product, versatility of use and responsiveness of the team. The product has been used extensively by our tech, product, compliance and design teams. We love the fact that the product keeps improving every month with new features and offerings to help engage and upskill our employees.

Vinay BagriCEO and Co-founder, Niyo Solutions Inc
Kate Cruz, Project Manager, ANSRSOURCE

myathina is the only learning platform I've experienced that is 100% centered around creating a personalized learning experience. As a course author, I loved working with the myathina team and found them incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive. Most importantly, I appreciate the ability to publish timely, relevant content for our growing learning community and how seamless the learning experience is within the platform. myathina is now a core part of our comprehensive product strategy to make learning more effective, accessible, and affordable, and we value the expertise and possibilities the team and platform bring to the table.

Kate CruzProject Manager, ANSRSOURCE
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